MARK YOUR CALENDAR on Friday, October 25, 2019, as the date of the next CCA annual continuing education and training conference. It is open to Dietary Managers, nursing home operators, Registered Dietitians, and Dietetic Technicians, Registered. For seminar registration, click here. Our speakers are leaders in clinical nutrition and food service management and provide valuable insight into the changing health care field. Past speakers have included corporate chefs, well-respected medical professionals and public health advisors, popular motivational speakers, Illinois state surveyors, and business owners.

At Cynthia Chow & Associates, LLC, we believe that education is vital for success. Every interaction presents an occasion for learning and growth. Our dietitians are keenly aware of those moments and use them to inspire others to be self-sufficient and to achieve excellence. We provide:

  • In-service education at all learning levels for Dietary and Nursing Departments, and for all facility personnel
  • On-the-spot corrections of deficient practices, and opportunities for teachable moments
  • In-services that target specific code violations and that provide their solutions
  • An annual all-day continuing education seminar
  • Lectures on requested topics
  • Dietary Manager Correspondence Course instruction
  • Instruction for Food Service Sanitation Managers Certification (FSSMC)

To see past seminar archives and photos, click on the year listed below:

2019--Partners in Progress...Celebrating 50 Years!
             Meet our 2019 Speakers

Meet our 2018 Speakers
Conference Photo Gallery

             Meet our 2017 Speakers
             Conference Photo Gallery          

2016--Sharing Solutions...Make It Happen!
             Meet our 2016 Speakers
             Conference Photo Gallery

2015--Together Towards Tomorrow
            Meet our 2015 Speakers 
            Seminar Photo Gallery

2014--Think Quality...It Pays!
            Meet Our 2014 Speakers
            Seminar Photo Gallery

2013--The New Norm
            Meet Our 2013 Speakers

2012--Breaking Through Barriers
            Meet Our 2012 Speakers
            Seminar Photo Gallery

2011--Redefining Your Future
            Meet Our 2011 Speakers

2010--Old Age in a New Age
            Meet Our 2010 Speakers

2009--A Passion for Excellence