Cynthia Chow Menu and Recipe Design

The menu designers at Cynthia Chow & Associates, LLC are creative professionals who understand the essential role food plays in the everyday lives of most people—especially patients and residents in healthcare facilities. At Cynthia Chow & Associates, LLC, our goal is to provide menus and recipes that enhance the quality of life for the people we serve. For this reason, the menu designers at Cynthia Chow & Associates, LLC take pride in offering patients and residents menu options that meet their individual dietary needs without sacrificing taste and appearance. Every recipe begins with nutritious ingredients so that patients and residents can enjoy choosing amongst a variety of delicious, healthful and visually pleasing meals.

At Cynthia Chow & Associates, LLC, we strive to meet the physical, emotional and social needs of each patient or resident by offering:

  • Menus that feature a variety of food selections

  • Ethnically sensitive & appropriate food choices

  • Foods that meet cultural and religious preferences

  • Appropriate nutrient and caloric intake to meet patient or resident needs

  • Nutritious between-meal snacks


Cynthia Chow menus and recipes meet or exceed the State requirements for meal planning. Our menu designers accommodate all levels of food cost to fit your budget.